Shore Country Day School
Session 2001-019



Name Shore Country Day School
Web site http://Shoreschool.org
Location Beverly, Massachusetts, USA
Community Suburban
Type Private


Subjects Science
Grades 6
Students 48


Title The Tale of the Telson
Insects scorpion (arachnid, not insect, ok?)
Description We use the Voyage of the Mimi II materials as a basis for our 6th grade Science program. In one of the chapters, the main character is stung by a scorpion. The chapter goes on to investigate how scorpions are being studied in Mexico, and the search for a vaccine. Students pick a venomous creature and do research for a report. They also make a model of their creature. Many students are interested in scorpions after this episode. I would like to use the Bugscope to have students look at the telson of the scorpion! Thank you! Jane H


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
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