University School Of Nashville
Session 2001-005



Name University School Of Nashville
Web site http://www.usn.org
Location Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Subjects Technology for Learning
Grades 2
Students -1


Description During the month of April, our 2nd graders (4 classrooms of 18 students each)will be studying organisms, focusing on butterflies. We would like to send some cacoons and a chrysalis, along with some other samples to view and compare with one another. Students will direct captures of still images and the teacher will select several for printing, which will then be colorized. In addition, we would like to send a pillbug specimen and one or two other options so that we can capture images for the 1st grade's study of insects. The hand-colorization and labelling activities will transpire in follow-up classroom session. Some images might be digitally enhanced in follow-up computer sessions, then shared via a web page. The images for the 1st grade will be shared with them in a lab session, along with a description of how they were captured. Ideally, we will receive each of the 4 times requested, so that each classroom could replicate the experience during its assigned weekly computer time slot. If all 4 times are not available, then we could go for four on the same days the following week, two days either week, or if we must limit ourselves to one day and time the Thursday timeslot would be the best-- either week. In defense of issuing us the 4 slots (which could, as a matter of fact, even be not all in the same week), the more experience would give us a chance to further refine how to get the controls in the hands of the students. Something I would really like to see us do. Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you. Scott


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