Marlborough School
Session 2001-001



Name Marlborough School
Location Marlborough, New Hampshire, USA


Subjects Science
Grades 6,7,8
Students -1


Description \tIím a teacher at Marlborough School. I teach six, seven, and eighth grade earth, physic, and life science. The group that is interested in this program is a group of eleven eighth grade students who are in the algebra class. With there intellectual level they cover material quicker then the other classes. With the extra time they have enough time to take on extra projects. \tIn eighth grade my students learn about life science, animal kingdom, and one celled organisms. Already they have learned about sponges, hydra, jelly fish, flatworms. They have also learned about the phylum porifera, colenterata, platyhelminthes, and the annelida. In the near future they will be learning about the mollusca by looking at the squid and the snails. \tBy the time we get to the anthropoids we hope to be engaged in Bugscope so it will be more enjoyable and they will be able to learn things out side of the current curriculum. This group is very interested in arachnids and would like to learn more about them. \tIím very sorry to take so long to send you this proposal but because of the winter break we were not able to get together and talk in length about what they wanted to do. Thank you for taking the time to look at our proposal we hope we will be able to work more with Bugscope.


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