Ameritech Electronic Classroom
Session 2000-033



Name Ameritech Electronic Classroom
Web site http://RCET.ORG
Location Kent, Ohio, USA


Subjects Interdisciplinary Units
Grades 4th
Students -1


Description We are facilitating a unit on the study of Wetlands, Forests and Grasslands. At the Ameritech Electronic Laboratory Classroom, here at Kent State University, the students and teacher have examined water from the wetlands visited on a field trip to the Beaver Dam and also the Kent Bog. They saw some microcrustaceans and some protozoans under the microscope upon our return. We do have a video-microscopy setup and were able to project the images on the big screen for all the class to see. They also examined some Spahgnum moss microscopically. They were very fascinated at the amount of water this moss could hold. Any specimens associated with the above mentioned organisms would be very appropriate. The students are doing virtual journals and would compare and contrast the images they witnessed on the light microscope with those of the electron microscope. We are also creating electronic portfolios and I know that some of the students will be including this piece in those files. The students are 4th graders from Highland Elementary School of Stow, Ohio.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
My sister is a teacher and she sent the information to me.