Jordan Catholic School
Session 2000-029



Name Jordan Catholic School
Web site http://Jordanschool.com
Location Rock Island, Illinois, USA


Subjects 7th Science and 7th/8th Computer
Grades 7th & *th
Students -1


Description Being that I am the Science and Computer teacher I try to find neat ways to intergrate the different subject areas together. We do a lot of microscope work in our science classes. We also use a digital camera to put our microscipic images on the computer to view. The students are very excited about microscope use, it is a way to really get them interested in Science. In addition, the digital camera is a great way to pull them into the computer lab. I like to show them the various ways the computer serves as a tool in the classroom. Each fall I assign a Science project. The students are required to do a collection project. The different items they can choose from consist of seeds, leaves, rocks, and insects. Each year I have a few brave soles set out to collect insects. The students are instruced to collect at least forty items for their collection. I heard about bugscope and I was so excited. I wanted to use insects the students had collected and allow them to view it under an electron microscope. As I have previouly mentioned, we use microscopes a lot and I always tell them about the power electron microscopes have. Naturally, it doesn't fit into our budget to have one for classroom use, therefore the students don't get to see one in use they just get to hear about how good they are. I would be delighted to get the opportunity for my students to use an electron microscope. I would have the students view the image and draw what they see (I always make them draw what they see when we use microscopes in the classroom). I would show them the same thing under the light microscope and ask them to do a compare and contrast activity. Finally, I would follow up and have them write a short essay (on the computers of course) about the experience. Thank you for your time and consideration


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
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