Basehor-Linwood High School
Session 2000-021



Name Basehor-Linwood High School
Web site http://www.usd458.k12.ks.us/
Location Basehor, Kansas, USA


Subjects Biology
Grades 9-12
Students -1


Description \tOur biology class will be collecting a variety of plants and animals in an outdoor lab to study adaptive variation in an ecosystem. The first activity is a comparison of stomata morphologies from different trees, grasses, and shrubs. The images of the different stomata will help us to see in greater detail the structure and function of the stomata and help us to understand how they help the plants survive. Students have already took advantage of the microscopes to make slides of many cell types like the potato, tomato, skin, and onion. This has also included the ability to stain with substances like potassium iodine and methyl blue chemicals. As a review, the class took the best examples in which the nucleus was present, and took a picture on the computer by using the flex camera. \tThe second part is an insect diversity study in mowed and unmowed areas. We are going to compare the diversity in a healthy habitat with the diversity found in a habitat that is under stress. The electron microscope will be use to create a library of images we can use to catalog the species we find, and to study which morphological adaptations that allow the organisms to survive in an environment under stress. \tGrades will be assessed by using participation points, quality of their samples, and filling out lab questions with detailed descriptions. Students must be able to work cooperatively within small groups to follow tasks inside and outside of class. This activity will also help us to prepare for activities in which plants and insects will be talked about to help or harm plants in our greenhouse.


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