Tornillo High School
Session 2000-020



Name Tornillo High School
Web site http://www.tornillo.k12.tx.us.edu
Location Tornillo, Texas, USA


Subjects biology and chemistry
Grades 11-12
Students -1


Description Tornillo ISD 2000-2001 District Improvement Plan has set as a district goal the integration of technology across the curriculum. At Tornillo High School, students of biology are already benefiting from this goal. In our science classroom students are exposed to an array of technology to include Internet access. The Internet has been an indispensable resource for our educators. One reason for this is the availability of services which otherwise would lie beyond a teacher's budgetary or logistical means. Bugscope's environmental electron microscopy project is an excellent example. \tThe biology course at Tornillo high school includes components of laboratory as well as field biology. Field collections for desert insects and plants are underway and the weeks to come will prove to be filled with discovery as students gain interests in their particular projects. Microscopy is an essential tool for exploring the micro world and use of technology is a proven way to keep a student's interest and focus on topic. I expect to satisfy district wide goals of integrating technology as well as classroom goals of keeping student's interest and motivation in the learning process by employing the help of Bugscope. I believe Bugscope can assist in these two goals by providing the students with access to SEM power for further discovery and instilling in each student a greater interest in their work as they get to view it at a different level of organization. \t Our project is composed of two parts. The first part is a morphological comparison and contrast of several species of flies indigenous to our Chihuahuan desert. Of specific interest to students are the wings. The second part is a morphological comparison of stomata, specifically guard cell ultra structure, from a desert plant with that of a tropical plant. Due to the dual nature of our project I consulted with Scott Robinson who suggested I mention this. A second suggestion was to have the assortment of flies mounted ventral side down. Fifty four students will participate in this project from field collecting to viewing the remote operation of the ESEM. \tBased on their experience from participation, students of entomology and botany will be evaluated on their knowledge of structure, function, and organization at the micro and nano level as well as any instrumentation used. The entire "viewing session" will be tape recorded and digital images preserved for future reference. Extended studies on these topics will include insect diet, habitat, and behavior. Plant enthusiasts will focus on special adaptations to arid environments. The project culminates with both groups participating in joint investigations in plant and insect interactions.


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