University School Of Nashville
Session 2000-011



Name University School Of Nashville
Web site http://www.usn.org
Location Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Subjects Technology for Learning
Grades K-4
Students -1


Description Mr. John Holleman's 2nd grade classroom is taking up a unit of study on insects as the school year draws to a close. Ms. Katherine Pitt, Mr. Holleman's pre-service assistant teacher, would like to submit Painted Lady caterpillars, pupae if available, and any other insects we might be able to mount in order to give the second graders an "up close and personal" experience with the insects. Additionally, we would like to set up four stations around the computer lab to see if we can successfully trade off operation of the 'scope itself between stations of students. Our previous experience this year, with the 1st graders in Ms. Kennedy's classroom, was controlled by Mr. Merrick, our Technology Coordinator. We are hoping to see if we can extend control successfully to responsible students and thereby broaden the "audience" investment in the activity, and we are optimistic that this will be both manageable and exciting. Follow-up activities will include printing some of the screen captures we settle upon and colorizing them, either with a computer paint program or traditional markers and crayons. We would like to put up a WWW gallery of our colorized close-ups for our parents to visit over the Internet (this with Ms. Pitt's and Mr. Merrick's help!) Finally, we would like to videotape our interaction for our own archival purposes, and to provide us with future material for proposed explorations into online streaming media at other grade levels. Thank you for your consideration.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
Previous participation via parent recommendation via NPR radio feature