Vineyard Coop
Session 2000-010



Name Vineyard Coop
Location Champaign, Illinois, USA


Subjects Assorted
Grades Multi
Students -1


Description Our middle school biology unit studies class investigated eyes and lenses in March. We labeled the parts of an eye and each dissected a cow’s eye. During April we are redirecting our study of eyes by focusing on the compound eyes of insects. We also plan to study the four types of insect mouthparts. We would like to use the Bugscope viewing for compound eyes and mouthpart variations. Our class will do activities that duplicate vision for a compound eye that cannot see red, and eating with each of the various mouthparts. In addition, we will compare drawings of these insect eyes and mouthparts to prepare for the Bugscope viewing. Specimens will be collected in the early spring. We plan to collect springtime insects with variations of mouthparts such as flies, crickets, and moths. In May we plan to give a brief overview of the insect orders. We also will be making collecting nets, insect kill jars, and given pre-cut collection case pieces to be completed at home. We will discuss collection methods, such as setting collection traps, labeling the specimens, etc. The students will each make an insect collection over the summer months. Next September we plan to spend the entire month studying entomology. In September we plan to assess student understanding of entomology by allowing each student to make an oral or written report. These presentations will contain items of special interest, either about their collection, or library and internet research.


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