Centre Elementary School
Session 2000-006



Name Centre Elementary School
Location Hampton, New Hampshire, USA


Subjects All subjects
Grades First Grade
Students -1


Description "I would like to use Bugscope with my 1st grade class. When I asked the students if they would be interested in using an electron microscope to magnify an insect, their response was overwhelmingly positive. They are already familliar with high magnification pictures of all sorts of "critters" from a variety of books in our library. They were thrilled to have the opportunity to take their own high magnification pictures. Their project will be to compare the eyes of 2 different kinds of bees. The children will analyze, with guidance, the EM images by noting any differences in the eyes (or other parts of the bees) that they can see. As a group project, the children will construct a collage of EM images that demonstrate these differences. The final project will be prominently displayed for the entire school to view. We may also present the data in a slide presentation. One of my goals as a teacher is to motivate the students to learn, and using Bugscope would be a perfect opportunity to foster their motivation. To further enhance their enthusiasm for science, one of the parents, who is also a scientist that happens to use an electron microscope, is willing to provide additional background information during the demonstration. Our local newspaper has already expressed interest in covering this story, and I anticipate that Bugscope would receive many more requests from the Hampton Schools. Although not all of these children will become scientists, they will remember this experience for a lifetime."


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
From a parent of a student in my classroom