University School Of Nashville
Session 2000-003



Name University School Of Nashville
Web site http://www.usn.org
Location Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Subjects Technology for Learning
Grades 1
Students -1


Description BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Our four first grade classes will be learning about organisms March through May. At some point during that cross-curricular experience (hopefully in April or May, although this could be an interesting opening activity, too!) it would be fantastic to access the Bugscope. We will be using topic related picture books, library books, and Internet resources as well as an extensive collection of classroom activities, to learn about organisms and how they grow and change. Ideally, it would be wonderful to close the unit in mid-May with our Bugscope time. Our 9:30 to 10:15 computer lab times would be ideal for the activities. If another time of day is necessary, we can make every effort to adjust our daily schedules to accomodate participation. SPECIMINES TO BE COLLECTED AND VIEWED: Pill bugs and (possibly) ants FOLLOW UP ACTIVITIES AND DISCUSSION: We would love to assess student understanding by creating illustrations and labeling them after an extensive "in the round" discussion of our Bugscope session(s). )If four sessions on consecutive days are not possible, we will be grateful for a single session which we might share as a grade level.) Mr. Merrick will coordinate and facilitate this activity.


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?
Via public radio and a parent email