Fernbank Science Center
Session 1999-071



Name Fernbank Science Center
Web site http://fernbank.edu
Location Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Subjects Electron Microscopy / Biology
Grades 5th-12th
Students -1


Description Dr. Potter, In my efforts to explain the sophistication of remote control capabilities for electron microscopes while emphazing the user friendliness of the software I am in need of a pivotal demonstration. Therefore, I am attempting to schedule one of your programs, however I am not sure if this is the method needed to arrange the collaboration between our facilities. We could participate in a full session or I could incorporate your site as a web-based enhancement for my class. In either case my students would participate in your programming as a remote site with access to your elctron microscope via the internet as we discussed during my visit. I would like to provide some dates when my students are availabe. We are currently available on the October 13; November 2, 4 & 22, 1999; and, January 4-6 & 11-13, 2000. I hope that one of these dates will fit into your schedule. On these dates students will be engaged in one of two programs- Scanning Electron Microscopy or Introduction to Forensic Microscopy. Your samples can be incorporated either program. Should these dates not coincide with available programming, I will work to rearrange my Fernbank Science Center schedule. I look forward to communicating with you. Thank You, Terri Brown


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