Woodland SCOPE Homeschooling Co-Op
Session 1999-064



Name Woodland SCOPE Homeschooling Co-Op
Web site http://www.angelfire.com/ca3/scopewoodland
Location Woodland, California , USA


Subjects All
Grades K-8
Students -1


Description This would be a cooperative project done with participation of approximately 15 homeschooling families in our homeschooling co-op with students ranging from grades K-8. We would, of course, meet in advance to select which bug we would be submitting at this time we would look at your WebPages at the pictures other classes have taken use that information to select what kind of bug we would like to examine. Then we would meet several weeks in advance of the schedule online Bugscope time to talk about what types of things we hoped to investigate and learn during our time with the Bugscope and perhaps spend some more time searching through your WebPages and other bug related pages. Last year we spent a day at Explorit Science Center in Davis, California “A Fly on the Wall and Other Amazing Arthropods” exhibit. We would review what we had learned there at this time. Afterwards children would be asked to write a report on their own specific ideas about how the project should be done. During our online time each child would have an opportunity to operate the scope with adult supervision while the rest of the students observed. After the scope time we would all work together to design the Webpage link with pictures of our bug. We would then work together to design our own Webpage (which would be a link to our group Webpage) telling all about our bug project. We would also at this time discuss what we actually observed as opposed to what we expected to observe. Each child would again be asked to write a report detailing the results. At the end of the year all of this info would be presented, by the group, at our end of year Project Fair. Doing this as a summer project would be no problem for our group. Many of us school year around and we all keep in touch for projects such as this throughout the summer. Thank you for providing this incredible resource. We look forward to hearing from you.


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