River Bend Elementary
Session 1999-053



Name River Bend Elementary
Web site http://www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/river
Location Chesterfield, Missouri, USA


Subjects All
Grades 4th
Students -1


Description In fourth grade in the Parkway School District, we teach all subjects, including Life Science. I have always believed that teaching is bringing experience into the classroom. My entire science program is based on hands-on learning. In Life Science, my students and I have hatched fruit flies, observed earthworm behavior, watched the life cycle of butterflies, and observed ants in an ant farm, just to name a few. At River Bend, we have the capacity to get all children onto the internet at the same time, as well as having an LCD projector to use for presentations. I am always searching for ways to get my students involved in a hands-on lesson as well as for ways to use the internet for something other than research. Bugscope sounds like exactly the project where I can accomplish both of these things. Not only will the children be involved, but what they are learning will be relevant to things they know and understand. Each year I assign my students a HyperStudio project. We call this our Big Project. The students choose a topic, complete research, and then learn to use HyperStudio with cards, buttons, sound, and video. This year, we could call it our Bug Project. The students would use the graphics and information learned through Bugscope '99 to put together their own personal HyperStudio project on bugs. If successful, the students could share their work at the Parkway Technology Fair in the Spring and perhaps even the Regional Technology Fair, RCET. We are always willing to share valuable experiences and consider it an honor to do so. I hope Bugscope will be one of those experiences.


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