Antilles School
Session 1999-009



Name Antilles School
Web site http://www.antilles.k12.vi.us
Location St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, USA


Subjects Grade 5 Science
Grades 5
Students -1


Description I teach science to 40 fifth graders (two classes with 20 in each class) in the Virgin Islands. Because we live on an island, at times our exposure to all that IS in the world can be limited. This year we have come a long way learning to use computers more resourcefully as a learning tool. Not only could I use the singular computer in my classroom to work with Bugscope, but we have a full lab that is equally connected and equipped so that each child could sit at their own computer. Bugscope, in particular, caught my attention because one of the units in our science text covers magnification, scale, and microscopes. It talks about scanning electron microscopes and gives a few photos but it would be incredible for the students to have more hands-on exposure with this microscope. Kids LOVE bugs, and believe me, there are lots of interesting ones around here. In recent weeks I have been searching for a meaningful interactive approach. We just hooked a camera on my classroom computer which will open lots of doors for us. I admit I am new in this technological area but feel confident that I will be able to navigate through it all. Besides, I have great support from our school "techy" who can help understand if any glitches in communication arise. Of all the topics I have seen covered interactively, this is the first program to which I am actually applying. Really! Using magnification has been a large science theme for us this year. The students worked well using microscropes and love working on science activities. I feel certain that Bugscope would be meaningful, educational, and fun for the children - not to mention, all of the computer-related benefits they would receive from this multimedia approach to the world.


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