Taylorville High School
Session 1999-006



Name Taylorville High School
Web site http://taylorville.christian.k12.il.us
Location Taylorville , Illinois, USA


Subjects zoology,botany,ecology,human anatomy
Grades 10 -12
Students -1


Description Taylorville is a town of 11,000 people with a high school population of 650 which includes many rural families from 2 other consolidated districts. My two zoology classes, (29 students total) are very excited about looking at insects/arthropods with the use of the Beckman Institute environmental electron microscope. We are currently studying insects and other arthropods. We hope to fulfill the following objectives by participating in "Bugscope": 1. learn about the biodiversity of the uniramians 2. understand how the morphological and physiological characteristics have allowed insects to live in almost any habitat 3. learn about the biochemistry of chitin and other materials in the exoskeleton 4. Compare the different kinds of cells and tissues found in insects 5. Creat a zoology link to the high school website With the use (via the internet) of the electron microscope, I hope to accomplish the above objectives. Since we will be able to connect two G3 Mac computers in my classrooms to you, or bring the entire class to the computer lab (IBM), everyone can participate in this opportunity. Neither my students, nor myself have ever had the opportunity to use or see an electron microscope. Hopefully this "window" into new technology will use engaged learning where students will take an active role in searching out answers to the complex structures of


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