Session 2014-038 with Cranston


The School

School Name Cranston
School Homepage http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b408/
Community Suburban
Type Public

The Class

Subjects Taught generalist (all)
Grades Taught 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
Number of Students 73

The Project

Project Title Small Crawling and Flying Animals
Insects To Study mealworms, butterflies, ants, grasshoppers
Project Description We are a grade 1/2 triad (3 classes that work together) so ideally it would be 3 classes using the Bugscope at the same time. If this doesn't work for your project, then it would just be my class of 23. We will be studying life cycle, needs, habitat, appearance, characteristics and advantages/disadvantages of insects. We are an inquiry school, so the students interests lead the work, and they would have so many questions to ask your experts. They would be amazed to see the microscope.


Where did you hear about Bugscope? I found it on the internet.

Live Session Transcript