Session 2014-032 with Chris Hadfield Public School


The School

School Name Chris Hadfield Public School
School Homepage < LEFT BLANK >
Location Halton Regional Municipality Ontario, Canada
Community Suburban
Type Public

The Class

Subjects Taught All(language arts, math, art, science, music, history, phys.ed)
Grades Taught 4th Grade
Number of Students 30

The Project

Project Title Adaptations of earth and sky
Insects To Study < LEFT BLANK >
Project Description I would like to have Bugscope as part of an insect awareness and appreciation week. Specifically, I would like the students to learn about body parts that allow insects to find food in the ground (borrowing insects) or in the air(flying insects). I also would like them to notice the eyes and antenna of insects and just get a general idea of how insects sense the environment.


Where did you hear about Bugscope? We had the pleasure of using bugscope last year!

Live Session Transcript