Session 2011-133 with Heights Elementary


The School

School Name Heights Elementary
School Homepage www.sharon.k12.ma.us
Location Norfolk Massachusetts, United States
Community Suburban
Type Public

The Class

Subjects Taught 4th grade--all subjects
Grades Taught 4th Grade
Number of Students 19

The Project

Project Title Plant Unit
Insects To Study Bee and Pollination
Project Description All students in the Grade 4 classes complete a unit on plants. They study the life cycle of a Wisconsin fast plant from seed, artificially pollinating the flowers to produce seeds. To enhance their learning, students would examine an important pollinator under the electron microscope, the honeybee (both worker and drone). The microscope would give the students a close up view of the pollen baskets, proboscis, and hairy body parts of these insects lending an understanding of how uniquely these important pollinators are adapted to their environment. Discussions with experts in the field further augment the unit. Participation in Bugscope allows students an authentic learning opportunity that fits well with 21st century skill acquisition. Bugscope is an important part of our Grade 4 science curriculum and we hope to continue the experience the coming school year!


Where did you hear about Bugscope? Our technology teacher

Live Session Transcript