Session 2011-092 with John Muir Elementary


The School

School Name John Muir Elementary
School Homepage http://www.cupertino.k12.ca.us/johnmuir.www/
Location Santa Clara California, United States
Community Suburban
Type Public

The Class

Subjects Taught multi-subjects
Grades Taught 3rd Grade
Number of Students 32

The Project

Project Title Adaptations
Insects To Study centipede, grasshopper, ladybug, black spider?, earthworm?, glow worm?, silkworm?
Project Description The Bugscope will help us in many curricula areas, including developing scientific research skills, and developing reading and writing skills. We will read James and the Giant Peach. The characters are insects, spiders, and worms. My students will research the insects, etc., to write expository paragraphs about them. Then they will compare and contrast the actual creatures with the anthropomorphic insects in the story and write another paragraph. The Bugscope will help the students gain a greater knowledge about the insects. Also, the students will take notes and draw pictures of what they see. I want the students to focus on what adaptations help each creature survive. This ties in with our science unit on "The Structures of Life." Access to the Bugscope will energize the students and enthusiasm leads to greater learning.


Where did you hear about Bugscope? edweb

Live Session Transcript