Session 2010-097 with Bannockburn Christian Academy


The School

School Name Bannockburn Christian Academy
School Homepage http://www.bbcfamily.com/482788.ihtml
Location Austin TX, US
Community Suburban
Type Private

The Class

Subjects Taught all
Grades Taught 3rd Grade
Number of Students 10

The Project

Project Title Living Things and Their Environment
Insects To Study < LEFT BLANK >
Project Description Plan to use Bugscope with 3rd graders to help them understand how organism adapt to their environment and how they get food.


Where did you hear about Bugscope? My husband works for FEI Company and FEI has a link to Bugscope on their main website. In the past my husband has done a overhead presentation to the childern in my class as well as other classes, presenting images of bugs and materials to my students. They thoroughly enjoy this presentation and he recommended we try Bugscope this year.

Live Session Transcript