Session 2009-114 with Christison Home Academy


The School

School Name Christison Home Academy
School Homepage < LEFT BLANK >
Location Logan UT, US
Community Rural
Type Homeschool

The Class

Subjects Taught All
Grades Taught Kindergarten, 1st Grade
Number of Students 3

The Project

Project Title Our beloved, and now dead, pet beetle
Insects To Study beetle & grasshopper
Project Description We are a homeschooling family with neighborhood kids who frequently join in after their school just because we have so much fun. We had a pet beetle for about 2 months who died and now lives on our science shelf. We plan to do a lapbook lesson on bugs that will last for appoximately 1 and a half weeks and we'd like to kick it off with a bugscope of our beloved beetle friend (or a relative of his if you need a more recently living bug for this activity) and use the pics in our lapbook for learning bug body parts and comparing them to our own human parts in both form and function. Having a real close up view will be a great addition to our lesson and will hopefully get te whole neighborhood interested in science as fun, not just as school work! We are flexible in our dates, but would like to maintain a late in the day time so tatthe neghbors can participate. We are all soooo Excited!


Where did you hear about Bugscope? We found you through a homeschooling blog based out of Florida.

Live Session Transcript