Session 2009-097 with Amphitheater Middle School


The School

School Name Amphitheater Middle School
School Homepage http://www.amphi.com/schools/ams/
Location Tucson AZ, US
Community Urban
Type Public

The Class

Subjects Taught Science
Grades Taught 7th Grade
Number of Students 130

The Project

Project Title A Comparative Study of Insect and Arachnid Heads, Mouths, Stingers, Eyes, Claws and Fangs
Insects To Study Solpugid, Black widow, butterflies, dragonfly head and tail, scorpion, tarantula hawks, digger wasp, parasitic wasps
Project Description I have 5 classes of 20-30 students each. I use Bugscope during my Ecology unit to reinforce, through student inquiry, the concepts of niche, habitats, predator/prey, biomes and food webs. It has been an exciting and vital part of my unit. We are also able to talk and view some of your videos on microscopy and careers in science. This is my fourth year using Bugscope and I absolutely love it. Last year I was able to schedule my 5 classes over 3 days. We did two classes back to back a day for two days then the last class on the third day. It worked out perfectly and seemlessly. I really appreciated the support. Below is my class schedule. I hope we can work something out. My Class Schedule 2nd Period: 9:26 -10:29 AM 3rd period 10:33 - 11:36 AM 4th period 11:40 - 12:43 PM 6th period 1:19 - 2:23 PM 7th period 2:27 - 3:30 PM


Where did you hear about Bugscope? NSTA magazine at first, now I am a regular.

Live Session Transcript