Session 2009-055 with Broomhill Primary


The School

School Name Broomhill Primary
School Homepage < LEFT BLANK >
Location Aberdeen Aberdeen City, GB
Community Urban
Type Public

The Class

Subjects Taught All
Grades Taught 4th Grade
Number of Students 25

The Project

Project Title Mini-beasts
Insects To Study < LEFT BLANK >
Project Description I teach 9-10 year-olds and we are going to study mini-beasts and gardens next term. We are going to focus on insects that are beneficial to gardens. When I found your website I thought the children would be interested in seeing insects up close and personal. Our term lasts from April 22nd-July 3rd. We have access to the internet and a whiteboard projector in the classroom so we can be flexible about the time of use. I realize there is a time difference between America and Scotland so I don't know what would be best in terms of scheduling your time. We would even be happy having access to previous or upcoming sessions if that can be arranged.


Where did you hear about Bugscope? Searching the internet

Live Session Transcript