Session 2007-054 with Moyock Elementary School


The School

School Name Moyock Elementary School
School Homepage currituck.k12.nc.us
Location Moyock NC, US
Community Rural
Type Public

The Class

Subjects Taught all subjects
Grades Taught 2nd Grade
Number of Students 20+

The Project

Project Title Life Cycles and Needs Of Living Things
Insects To Study Monarch caterpillars and butterflies; maybe mealworms
Project Description My students and I are studying the life cycles of many living things beginning with the Monarch butterfly. We participate in Journey North's symbolic migration and a research study through the Univ of Ga. We are rearing Monarch caterpillars and are practicing to be scientists by studying their life cyle stages to learn their connections through note-taking, illustrating and first hand observations. We are also learning ho ther life cycles of one living thing can connect to other living things. The Monarch project also encourages my students to become global ambassadors by helping to ensure the survival of this species through education and action. Bugscope would be important to fully understand how the Monarch is able to perform the miracle of long distance migration and how their body parts work to provide for their needs. I am most interested in showing my students what their body parts look like "up close" from egg to adult. The NC Standard Course of Study requires that second graders understand the life cycles of living things. I hope to provide knowledge of the life cycles of many living things from different species, and a future project may include mealworms. I am interested in adding rearing a mealworm to my students' learning experiences to observe its various life stages similar to the observations and learning that will be made using Monarch butterflies.


Where did you hear about Bugscope? I read about Bugscope in the latest edition of NSTA's Science and Children magazine.

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