Session 2007-037 with Clarendon Junior High School


The School

School Name Clarendon Junior High School
School Homepage www.clarendon.k12.tx.us
Location Clarendon TX, US
Community Rural
Type Public

The Class

Subjects Taught Life and Earth Sciences
Grades Taught 7th Grade
Number of Students 43

The Project

Project Title A Bug's Life
Insects To Study Ants, Wasps, Butterflies, Grasshoppers, Termites
Project Description Teaching & Learning Philosophy: I wish to increase my students exposure to both technology and the natural world. I expect them to be ble to access information themselves, but this should be conducted and supervised in a classroom setting. I am a pre-service teacher. My classroom is 12.5% Hispanic, 8% African American, and 79.5% Caucasian. This class is 60% female, and 40% male. All are of American heritage as far as I know. I intend to use this project as a way to differentiate structures and functions in the Class Insecta, and to study variations within the class between various taxa. I intend to use this project in order to incorporate technology and to demonstrate proper identification of structures within a class of animals. I intend to assign specimens for individual research, and to use this research to present information to other individuals in the school district about what was gained from this study. Administrative Note: Brit -- I saw our confirmation email to you bounce because of an incorrect email address. I went ahead and resubmitted your application with what I hope is the correct address. If I got something wrong, please let us know.


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