Session 2006-058 with Roland Park Elementary


The School

School Name Roland Park Elementary
School Homepage http://www.rolandparkpublic.org/
Location Baltimore Maryland, USA
Community Urban
Type Public

The Class

Subjects Taught all subjects
Grades Taught third
Number of Students 71

The Project

Project Title Bug's World
Insects To Study All stages of development of the darkling beetle and additional beetles collected from the environment
Project Description Bug's World lesson plan: Starting in December 2006, 3rd graders (71 students in 3 classes) will be studying insects with a particular focus on life cycles. Students will (1) learn about insects biology and ecology; (2) draw and name body parts of insects; (3) learn about insects life cycles by studying the mealworms they are raising in the classroom; (4) learn about scales, microscopes and BugScope; (5) acquire images of the different stages of the darkling beetle life cycle during the BugScope session; (6) make a


Where did you hear about Bugscope? Students parent from the University of Maryland

Live Session Transcript