Session 2004-036 with Next Generation


The School

School Name Next Generation
School Homepage
Location Champaign Illinois, USA
Community Suburban
Type Private

The Class

Subjects Taught Science
Grades Taught 1-2
Number of Students 18

The Project

Project Title Exploring insects
Insects To Study Mealworm, isopod, or student found
Project Description We are exploring bugs as we prepare to build a terrarium which will include some bugs (isopods and others). The students are designing some simple experiments dealing with bug preference for light/dark, moisture, and warm/cold. The students are learning about the difference between insects and other bugs. They will classify bugs and look at basic anatomy. Bugscope would be a nice compliment to the anatomy and classification of the bugs.


Where did you hear about Bugscope? Nano-CEMMS project at U of I

Live Session Transcript