Session 2003-080 with Highland Elementary School


The School

School Name Highland Elementary School
School Homepage http://www.stow.summit.k12.oh.us
Location Stow Ohio, USA
Community Suburban
Type Public

The Class

Subjects Taught All
Grades Taught 4
Number of Students 25

The Project

Project Title What do you know about how I grow?
Insects To Study Plants- Duckweed
Project Description We would like to use Bugscope to closely examine test group Duckweed plants that we have experimented with in comparison to a control specimen. We are testing many facets of humans impact on the way plants grow. We will be adding solutions such as salt, oil, pesticides, and fertilizer to our test groups to see how everyday human activity impacts a local watershed. Our class consists of 12 boys and 13 girls, all Caucasian. We make every possible attempt to achieve equity in our room. Group work is completed in combinations of ability and mixed ability levels, and students have many opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge on an individual level as well. We will share the knowledge we gain in this project with our colleagues by posting the information we gather onto a web page linked from our classroom website that will summarize our experience and our findings.


Where did you hear about Bugscope? Pat Mazzer at Kent State University's SBC/Ameritech Classroom

Live Session Transcript