Session 2002-038 with Discovery Science Center


The School

School Name Discovery Science Center
School Homepage www.discoverycube.org
Location Santa Ana California , USA
Community Urban
Type Other

The Class

Subjects Taught Forensic Science
Grades Taught 4-6 grades
Number of Students 15

The Project

Project Title Crime Lab 101 Summer Camp
Insects To Study fly maggots, dermestid beetles, ants, cockroaches, earthworms
Project Description Crime Lab 101 is open to children 10-13 years old with a student/teacher ratio of 15:2. Anyone can enroll in this class, so there are no barriers as far as race and gender are concerned. We will offer daily experiments relating to Forensic Science followed by an actual crime the campers will solve by the last day of camp. I am incorporating an entomology day and since we have only 2 video light microscopes, it would be great for the kids to interact with Bugscope in our computer lab. Specific bugs will be planted at the scene and their goal would be to figure out the bug type which might help them determine the length of time the person or object has been at the crime scene. The kids will then investigate and log specific information into their "Crime Journals". Since our camp runs every two weeks we would not have the chance to select and send our own samples. Would you have samples already in your database of the bugs that I listed above?


Where did you hear about Bugscope? Ben Grosser presented Bugscope here at our location.

Live Session Transcript