Session 2001-019 with Shore Country Day School


The School

School Name Shore Country Day School
School Homepage Shoreschool.org
Location Beverly Massachusetts, USA
Community Suburban
Type Private

The Class

Subjects Taught Science
Grades Taught 6
Number of Students 48

The Project

Project Title The Tale of the Telson
Insects To Study scorpion (arachnid, not insect, ok?)
Project Description We use the Voyage of the Mimi II materials as a basis for our 6th grade Science program. In one of the chapters, the main character is stung by a scorpion. The chapter goes on to investigate how scorpions are being studied in Mexico, and the search for a vaccine. Students pick a venomous creature and do research for a report. They also make a model of their creature. Many students are interested in scorpions after this episode. I would like to use the Bugscope to have students look at the telson of the scorpion! Thank you! Jane H


Where did you hear about Bugscope? Computer teacher

Live Session Transcript