Session 2001-006 with Champaign Central High School/Academy


The School

School Name Champaign Central High School/Academy
School Homepage
Location Champaign Illinois, USA

The Class

Subjects Taught Biology
Grades Taught Ninth
Number of Students -1

The Project

Project Title
Insects To Study
Project Description The ninth grade Central High School Academy students are currently working on an integrated Romeo and Juliet unit. The students in Biology have been studying cell division and cell growth. We are now looking at the factors involved with the spread of the Bubonic Plague in England at the time of Romeo and Juliet. The students have done guided internet searches finding information concerning the rats, fleas and bacteria involved in the Plague. I would like the students to take images of fleas. From these images, they can them use NIH imaging to measure the jumping legs, mouth parts, etc., and estimate the stomach size. These measurements will be used to determine amounts the volume of blood injested , distances jumped compared to similar human measurement, and possible model construction. The use of the ETEM would help the students further their study of the plague carriers, plus give the students and unparalleld experince using the scope.


Where did you hear about Bugscope? I have used Bugscope previously with my students.

Live Session Transcript