Session 2001-004 with Blocker Middle School


The School

School Name Blocker Middle School
School Homepage http://www.texascity.isd.tenet.edu/Blocker/index.html
Location Texas City Texas, USA

The Class

Subjects Taught Gifted & Talented Science
Grades Taught 7-8
Number of Students -1

The Project

Project Title
Insects To Study
Project Description The interest in Bugscope is to see something that causes a great deal of problems to us on the Gulf Coast but is difficult to see up close. Mosquitos are a big problem in a small body. We would like to see how they cause our skin to sting and form a red spot and also how they pass pathogens to humans. We have been told the female mosquito is the only one that bites. We will collect several specimens and with your help, see if this is true. We would also like to send in any small flies that maybe in our City Park at the site of the mosquito collection. Thank You, Blocker Middle School and Mrs. Lee's Science Classes


Where did you hear about Bugscope? We were selected earlier this year and LOVED IT!

Live Session Transcript