Session 1999-095 with Meadowlawn Elementary


The School

School Name Meadowlawn Elementary
School Homepage
Location Kentwood Michigan, USA

The Class

Subjects Taught self-contained
Grades Taught fourth
Number of Students -1

The Project

Project Title
Insects To Study
Project Description Science exploration has always been a part of my classroom in the fourth grade. I have found students are very interested in examining specimens under microscopes too more closely examine the make-up that is not apparent to the naked eye.In doing so, students are able to develop a better understanding and appreciation of their world that they may never see and encourage further exploration into science. Secondly, students are becoming increasingly savy in technology and the many uses it provides for research in sciencetific discovery. The internet has allowed my fourth grade class to reaserch, explore and develop a better understanding of our world and the natural order of science. I plan to use the images that we receive to further examine the hidden world of insect body structures, their natural defenses and the realtionship they have with other creatures for a balanced ecosystem.


Where did you hear about Bugscope? National Public Radio

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