Session 1999-003 with Champaign Central High School


The School

School Name Champaign Central High School
School Homepage
Location Champaign Illinois, USA

The Class

Subjects Taught Biology
Grades Taught 9-12
Number of Students -1

The Project

Project Title
Insects To Study
Project Description I am planning on integrating Bugscope with the Riverwatch program that the Central Academy students do in the spring. Students collect, classify and submit population information to the state for this project. Bugscope could help the students better understand the "workings" of an insect. Viewing insect mouths, feet, and breathing apparatus through the ESEM scope can help students formulate and understand differences within insect populations. These differences can facilitate the comprehension of the organisms role within its community and thus its environment. Because I will have a student teacher at this time, she will help the students with their laboratory work, field work and tie all this together using computer technology. The students will already be familiar with the use of on line material through Chickscope. Bugscope will be a natural extension for them into the application of computer technolgy to science exploration. Sharing of completed projects could be done at SuperComputing '99 through an inital poster session and papers/workshops latter on.


Where did you hear about Bugscope?

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